Fever In the the Morning, Fever All Through the Night

I hate to have my first blog start out on a negative note, but every parent knows that when your kid has a fever nothing else matters. Unfortunately, I think this one is going to be sticking around for a while.

I first started noticing symptoms about a month ago. We were in the kitchen, Disney Junior was playing in the next room as always. I remember it so well. A commercial for Frozen came on any Harrison just started puking up lyrics.

At first I thought it was a fluke. This fever mostly hits little girls 3 - 7 and was at it's peak about 4 years ago. His exposure to Frozen was limited, there's like one girl at daycare and I don't even think she's infected. Maybe she was a carrier?

Then I started to think, was this my fault? I had touch of the fever at one point before he was born but it was a mild case, though I do have permanent lyric scars in my brain. And, yeah, I had a few of the songs in my Disney playlist that we listened to in the car everyday - but there's over 150 songs on that list and our drive is really short!

I'm afraid I'll never be able to figure out for sure who patient X was in this outbreak, but the damage is done.

I tried to ignore it at first, sometimes it's just allergies, right? But I few more commercials and more lyric puke later I knew that he was coming down with something so I had to administer the test.

"The Test"

Lyrics were spilling out of him mouth like a waterfall. At this point I was just hoping that it was a mild case. The most concerning part was that we were soon heading to Disney World, which is a simmering cesspool of Frozen Fever germs. I mean some of the kids have it so bad that they have morphed into little Elsas and Annas and run around the park with no attempt to quarantine them. Do I keep him home to stop this from getting worse thereby loosing all the money we've invested in our trip or do I take him and hope that his existing severe case of Mickey-itis would somehow immunize him?

I think you know what we decided.

Thankfully the infected areas are contained somewhat more than they were a couple years ago, but you can't avoid it. Besides the aforementioned mini-Elsas running around, the full size version can be found in the flesh at the castle show and parade at Magic Kingdom. At night her animated alter-ego is projected in living color onto the castle and this is one of the moments you really experience how far the infection has spread as lyric vomit spews from about 75% of the crowd, including my toddler son (and his mom.)

At Epcot, you can meet the Queen herself and then take a boat ride through her kingdom. Which Harrison loved until the drop. Kid hurls himself down any slide at the park, but didn't like the drops on Frozen and Pirates, but I digress. The moment my tiny human saw Elsa about 10 feet from him his eyes bugged out of his head and I could hear a tiny wheeze of "Let It Go" escaping from his mouth.

"Audience with the Queen"

About halfway through our trip we new he was infected for sure and expected that it might be a serious case so we did what any responsible parents would do, took him to the infirmary. At Disney they jokingly call their infirmary "For First Time In Forever: A Frozen Sing Along Celebration." They just cram a bunch of the infected into a theater-like setting and let them puke lyrics everywhere.

This trip definitely confirmed a very serious case and it's only gotten worse since we got home. Not only does he spew lyrics, but dialog now too. It doesn't help that he's insisted on being exposed to the Frozen film at least once a day (twice a day on the weekend.) He now has two Elsa dolls, one that sings, and a microphone. Because feed a fever, right? Or is it feed a cold, starve a fever? Oops.

I will admit that I still have a touch of it myself, so I don't really mind the mini-sing along we have every morning and evening while listening to the soundtrack on the way to and from daycare. The sitter may not have appreciated my letting him take his singing Elsa to daycare yesterday. If so, i guess she'll just need to let it go.


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