"Man Card" Rant

Something happened last week and I've tried not to let it bother me. I'd like to think that I'm the kind of person who can take a joke, I also think that I'm the kind of person who is not easily offended. However, the more I think about this event, the more it bugged me - and then it was brought up again yesterday and it confirmed that yeah, I'm definitely bothered.

Backstory. Last time I wrote about how my almost 2 year old son is suddenly obsessed with Frozen. It was very tongue in cheek, but it's kind of odd how it happened. I think Frozen is ok, I enjoyed it and the music, but the most I've exposed him to is a few of the songs on my Disney playlist of over 200 songs that we listen to in the car and while he's playing in his room. Along the way he must have decided that he liked "Let It Go" because one day the song was playing in a commercial for Frozen on Disney Junior and he started singing it. Ok. So I played the entire song for him and eventually showed him the movie, because he hadn't even seen it yet. He loved it. He loved all the songs, he talks along with the dialog, he wants to watch the movie every single day.

He likes it because he likes it. Not because it's a girl thing or a boy thing. He doesn't know about that shit yet, he just likes it because he likes it. As a woman who likes traditionally "boy" things like Star Wars, I'm totally cool with it because I think that making toys and movies gender specific is bull shit.

I'd rather he liked the Lion King or Moana best because I like the songs better, but it's not up to me.

On to the "incident." Often when H goes to daycare he insists the sitter play "Let It Go" for him. I guess one day it was all about Frozen for all the kids (mostly boys, I might add - I think there is one girl and she's not always there.) This happened to be the day that the sitters brother visited. So I go to pick H up and get introduced to the brother who tells me that my not-yet-2-year-old son needs a new "man card" because he was singing "Let It Go" complete with dramatic hand gestures.

I should have told him off, but instead I told him that H is obsessed with Frozen and is probably going to be the next Lin-Manuel Miranda. He "let it go" (see what I did there?) and then told another little boy who has the most beautiful long curly hair that he needs to go to the barber.

It wasn't worth telling him off and causing trouble because it's not like he's there often, but wtf? I tried to shake it off, but it did bother me and I wasn't sure quite why. Then yesterday the sitter brought it up for some reason, we were talking about Frozen I'm sure, and said something like "yeah my brother was so offended that we were doing girl stuff." Which means he must have talked more shit than what I heard.

You know what? Fuck that guy. This is exactly the type of shit that ends up shoving kids into little boxes where they need to act, dress, and like certain things or there is something wrong with them. Fuck that. Why can't we just let kids like what they like because they like it?

It really pisses me off that I can be as open minded as is humanly possible, but dude-bros like this prick are raising other little dude-bros who are going to eventually bully and peer-presure other kids into pretending not to like things they like because they want to fit in. I hope my kid can rise above and not give away his shot. (See what I did there?)

Fly your freak flag with pride, H. Be different. Be unique. Be yourself.


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